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Queensland Positive People – QPP

Queensland Positive People

QPP is a peer-based advocacy and service organisation committed to actively promoting self-determination and empowerment for all people living with HIV (PLHIV).

The organisation has grown through peers and allies creating safe and supportive spaces with and for each other – where we support each other to be well-informed; experience health and quality of life free from stigma and discrimination; feel empowered to enjoy increased levels of optimism, confidence and resilience; and play an active role in determining our futures.

Every year and decade, the landscape of HIV changes – new evidence and technologies emerge and more and more people from diverse backgrounds reach out and become involved. As PLHIV and allies, we are incredibly diverse in age, gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity and religion.

As we explore, learn, and develop – demand for QPP’s services continues to grow.

QPP has transitioned into a multi-disciplinary service provider – including the very welcomed professionalisation of a long history of peer support. QPP’s peer navigators, case managers and peer testers provide support and practical assistance for people living with HIV and HIV/STIs for people at risk of HIV/STIs.

QPP can provide support with:

Social connection
Social and emotional support
HIV support and health navigation for HIV diagnosis, treatment and care.
Practical assistance with accessing medications, clinical services, food, housing and other essential support services including mental health.
Information and support with stigma, discrimination, migration and the law.
Emergency Relief Funding
HIV/STI rapid testing.
QPP works closely with state, national and internal partners to deliver comprehensive and coordinated responses to the needs of people living with HIV and people at risk of HIV/STIs.

QPP is an inclusive organisation and has no political or religious affiliations. Together we can ensure no one has to face HIV alone.

QPP is also an Australian, Incorporated Association and registered Australian Charity for taxation purposes.

Viewer Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that QPP’s website and Talking About Treatment series of films may contain images and voices of people who are now deceased.

The Prince Consort

Welcome to, The Prince Consort

Imagine a heritage listed old English-style pub, holding in the walls the secrets of all who ventured through since 1888. Now reinvigorated to become one of the most iconic Brisbane venues, making The Prince Consort an eight-in-one experience like no other!

Restored to its former glory with expansive bay windows, featuring a grand bar draped in a classic British palette. Further past the ground floor parlour lies the Garden Bar, an open-air oasis brimming with botanicals for sun-soaked afternoon sessions.

Party like a royal punter with a wager or two on the horses, hounds and sport with all your favourite events streaming live across the Parlour Bar and expansive Stadium Screen. Plus, if you’re looking for fresh Australian flavours, feast on our gastro-pub inspired menu perfect for sharing with your mates.

Open daily from 11am till late | Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley QLD

Brisbane Pride Choir

We formed, as the Brisbane Lesbian and Gay Pride Choir, in 1998. We weren’t a choir at the start but just a group of people who came together for a series of singing workshops funded by a Brisbane City Council grant. The fire was lit with those workshops and just a few months later we performed at the annual Pride Fair Day.

The Choir is a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer-friendly people who come together to sing. We think it’s important to perform in and for our local community.

Through our performances we share with audiences the great value of a diverse, inclusive and accepting society. At events in Brisbane and throughout Queensland we have often connected with people struggling with their own sexuality or identity. As a community choir, it’s a great feeling for us to know that our performances matter.

We are an SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) choir and sing a range of songs and musical styles, including traditional, contemporary and original music. A large part of our repertoire is sung a cappella.

We aim to entertain audiences in the LGBTIQ+ community as well as audiences in the wider Brisbane, national and international community.

Through our performances we share with audiences the great value of a diverse, inclusive and accepting society.

We are always keen to welcome new members.

You do not need to audition to join the choir.

Choir rehearsals are held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every Tuesday in West End during school term.

For more information / contact us, visit:
See Events on Facebook for upcoming performances and open rehearsals.

QuAC – Brisbane

About Us

Our Vision
A Queensland where all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people achieve the best possible health and well-being and participate fully in the life of communities, free from stigma and discrimination.

Our Mission
To enable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to increase control over and improve their health, as a resource for social, economic and personal development and an important dimension of quality of life.

Our Values
Courage. Justice. Innovation. Celebration.
We acknowledge the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples on whose land we live and work, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Parents and friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Welcome to PFLAG Brisbane

On behalf of the Committee of PFLAG+ I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. The + sign has recently been added because of inclusivity. We believe it’s important for parents to know who have LGBTQIA+ children, you are always welcome at PFLAG+.

PFLAG is an international peer support group that has been operating since the mid 80’s when June Smythe from Perth in WA initiated the first PFLAG group in Australia. Every group in Australia is 100% voluntary, self funded, with no political affiliation and secular. All groups operate at different strengths, depending on regions.

At present the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or questioning (LGBTIQA+) community is one of the last minority groups in Australia still living with varying forms of discrimination and injustice. Now, it is commonplace for parents to be seen successfully advocating for their children’s rights at all levels of government. Parental advocacy has brought great change for our children’s rights since PFLAG+ began in Australia.

As parents with children who identify as LGBTIQ+ we believe – to enable them to have truly fulfilling lives – it’s important they are able to live their lives honestly and with integrity, without fear of discrimination, ostracism or abuse.

PFLAG+, even though primarily a support group for parents, strives to also support LGBTQIA+ youth who are in fear they may be/or have been abandoned by family. We do this by providing information and referrals for them while they are going through the process of deciding whether to disclose to family. Additionally, we can offer resources for their families that helps them to understand the changes

For those who aren’t accepted by family we want them to know they are welcome and supported by PFLAG+.

Please note we have done our best to be as supportive and inclusive as possible, so if pronouns or terminology is not always correct or at times inconsistent in our resources, please accept our apologies.

LGBTI Legal Service

The LGBTI Legal Service offers free and confidential legal advice to Queensland residents who identify as members of the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex community.

The LGBTI Legal Service Inc is a non-profit and unfunded community-based legal service which began service provision in July 2010. Operating from our offices located in West End, the Service seeks to assist Queensland LGBTI communities to gain access to justice through the provision of legal and social welfare services.

We also offer community legal education activities in order to increase awareness of legal rights and responsibilities for LGBTI communities in Queensland and will be actively involved in advocating for law reform and human rights.

The LGBTI Legal Service Inc. has been established by and continues to be overseen by a management committee of individuals representing the diverse communities under the LGBTI banner.

gay and lesbian tourism association (GALTA)

Tourism network for Gay and lesbian travellers within and to Australia.

GALTA is a national network of tourism professionals dedicated to the welfare and satisfaction of all gay and lesbian travellers within and to Australia. Gay & Lesbian Tourism Australia Ltd is a voluntary non-profit organisation operated by a team of elected individuals who work with federal, state and regional tourism bodies, corporations, businesses and individuals to develop and grow the gay & lesbian market and increase the awareness of gay & lesbian travellers and their needs.

Membership is open to any tourism-related business with an interest in marketing to the LGBT+ community.

Our Mission
To be the peak national body which works with its stakeholders to provide marketing, advice, and expertise for the LGBT+ travellers and tourism operations.

Our Values
To create a financially robust and influential marketing body that positions our ever-growing membership as the first choice of LGBT+ travellers looking for a welcoming and exciting experience in Australia.

Focus Hypnotherapy

The real significance of therapy during hypnosis is that healing and emotional change are experienced while in the hypnotic state. This is when the mind is most open and receptive to suggestions like the ones received during ‘quit smoking hypnosis’ or ‘weight loss hypnosis’. Our clinical hypnosis therapy program in Brisbane, can help with behavioural, habitual or emotional change through hypnosis and can help interrupt old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs. This can be used for issues like self-esteem, reducing anxiety, eliminating phobias, pain relief, dealing with the fear of public speaking, and putting an end to habits such as nail-biting. Amongst the most common issues are also weight loss or trying to quit smoking. Hypnosis that is practiced by a qualified hypnotherapist in Brisbane for example, also provides the unique opportunity to access the body’s biological processes which are not normally accessible through normal consciousness. This means hypnosis can actually influence physical symptoms and conditions.

The range of issues people have come to see me for help as a hypnotherapist have included:

Anxiety, self-esteem & confidence
Fears & phobias
Stress relief
Weight loss Hypnosis
Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Alcohol & substance dependency
Control and management of pain
Bed Wetting (enuresis)
Physical symptoms
There have been numerous studies which show that children can be easier to hypnotise than adults and that therapy through hypnosis can be helpful with childhood behavioural and physical issues as identified above.

– Focus Hypnotherapy, Brisbane

Equal Love Brisbane

Campaign group in Brisbane for LGBTIQ+ Rights. We aim to educate, activate and mobilise the community in support of equal rights.

Campaign group in Brisbane for LGBTIQ+ Rights. We aim to activate and mobilise the community in support of equal rights.

We regularly hold demonstrations and actions to challenge discrimination from the government, both State and Federal.

We have organised Brisbane’s largest LGBTIQ+ demonstrations in history, including 2000+ people who responded to the Newman Government’s attacks on Civil Unions & Healthy Communities in 2012, and 20000+ people who mobilised for Marriage Equality in 2017.

Equal Love Brisbane is not affiliated with, nor do we support, any political party. We campaign for LGBTIQ+ rights and are stridently opposed to any and all forms of homophobia and transphobia.

City Lickers

City Lickers welcomes you to a vibrant, easy-going, circle of women.

Attracting and celebrating lesbians of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds, City Lickers proudly embraces diversity and unity.

City Lickers enjoys a solid reputation for bringing women together for a wide variety of social activities and events. From campouts and beach escapes to dance parties and winery tours, City Lickers is your pathway to new adventures, friendships and lifetime memories.

City Lickers also presents Scarlet – Qld’s largest lesbian club.

Committed to creating an empowered and informed lesbian community, City Lickers is proud to share its pool of resources and news with Queensland’s lesbians via our website

Feel free to post your event/business on our wall*. Out of respect to our members and other event organisers/businesses we ask that you only post a maximum of twice per month for the same event/business please

*So as not to conflict with our goals, we are happy to promote you if your event/product/service does not conflict with a City Lickers’ event/product/service.