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Transgender Support Association

Australian Transgender Support Association QLD Inc

ATSAQ aims to provide support and information for the general community, and to those who are experiencing difficulty with their Gender Dysphoria.

The Australian Transgender Support Association of QLD (ATSAQ) was formed in 1990, to help, advise and assist the transgender community in Queensland. It is run by transgenders for transgenders and provides emotional/moral support for people with Gender identity Disorder (formally known as Gender Dysphoria) their families and friends.

We also educate and try to dispel misunderstanding and combat discrimination, which is still sometimes a common experience for transgender people in Australian society. We liaise with all forms of government to assist in better policy practices and medical professional’s etc.

ATSAQ is a confidential, non-profit, un government funded organization, relying on donations and membership for financial support. We provide support and information on all aspects of gender reassignment, for the general community and people who are experiencing difficulty with their gender identity.
Membership is available to people who have changed their gender role or who intend to change their gender role in the near future and/or are in a recognized gender reassignment.